Springtime in the "Valley"

Posted by on Updated May 27, 2011 9:20:38 PM Category: News

I am lucky enough to be living in two "valleys" of perpetual natural beauty.  The first is the larger and more famous Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.   The second is the smaller so-called "valley within a valley" that lies between the two arms of the northern Massanutten Mountain range and is called Fort Valley.

 As spring arrives I look around and see Bloodroot popping through the leaves and Coltsfoot's yellow dandelion like flowers in the damp ditches along our country roads.  Walking further into the woods I see Trout Lilies and Dutchman's breeches already blooming.  Along the banks of our streams and river the Bluebells are full of buds just waiting to explode into a pink and blue cloud.  Trillium are beginning to appear in the higher elevations and Marsh Marigolds and Skunk Cabbage adorn swampy areas.  The smaller Bittercress and Pussytoes are easily overlooked unless you take a leisurely stroll and look very closely.  Spring Beauties form a pink and white carpet under the still bare deciduous trees.  Shooting Stars, Lady Slippers and Wild Ginger are beginning to show themselves and I must wait patiently for their blooms to appear.

There are so many more flowers and trees bursting with spring.  If you live nearby, take a drive on the numerous back roads of the "Valley" and stop and hike along any of the numerous trails and see how many flowers you can identify.  If you are not lucky enough to live near, you can enjoy many of these flowers on this site.  If you cannot find one of your favorites on this site, e-mail and ask.  I have thousands of flowers in my image files and would be glad to upload them for your pleasure.



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